22 March 2007

And Then There's Steve

Looking all dapper as he sallys forth to argue in the national moot court competition, helping his ASL team to beat Wake Forrest, Florida State, and GW before falling to Georgetown (this year's national champs) in the final four.

BTW, does anybody know if ASL has a mascot? The Gruntin' Grundys maybe?


Anonymous said...

Who's that guy in the black and white picture in the upper left hand corner? Is that Wise County's most wanted or something?

Anonymous said...

Ken, it's ASL, not ALS, AKA "Lou Gehrig's Disease."

Ken Lammers said...

It's fixed. I wasn't sure which was right and ASL just led my mind to a rather nasty pronunciation so I went the other way until someone corrected me.

Anonymous said...

There's no shame in losing to Georgetown.

Steve Armstrong said...

Thanks for the mention, Ken! I wish I could have brought a better face for my picture!

Look at that heeeeed!

Also, I LOVE the "pronunciation" of ASL- classic... I can't wait to spring that on my fellow 2L's!