07 March 2007

Basketball: The world is not a fair place

Today my high school (Bryan Station) plays its first game in the 11th regional playoffs. Kentucky has 16 regions and the winner of each region goes to Lexington to play in the Sweet 16 (the Commonwealth's championship tournamet). It's a system which guarantees teams from around the Commonwealth get to play, but it doesn't guarantee that the best teams are playing.

Take Bryan Station's region. Assuming that the higher ranked teams win tonight and tomorrow (yes, I know that's a dangerous assumption), the final 4 teams playing on Saturday will all be ranked in the top ten of the Commonwealth. #1 Scott County will play #7 Lexington Catholic while #3 Bryan Station will play #8 Tates Creek (it's actually kind of appropriate that the two teams everybody accuses of recruiting will play each other followed by a contest between the two teams everybody knows are home grown). In the end, three of the best teams will be out of the running. However, it should make for a heck of a regional tournament.

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