06 March 2007

Moments in the Life

1) The receptionist tells me there's someone who wants to talk to a Commonwealth. I come out and there's a really nice older lady and her young-adult grandson; I take them into my office. Very quickly, I realize that they want to talk to me about his felony case. I stop them and tell them they need to have his attorney call me.
Lady: We haven't hired one yet. How much would it cost to hire you?

Me: (pause) ummm . . . Ma'am, I'm the prosecutor.

Lady: Oh, so that's what a Commonwealth does; I didn't know.
At which point I re-emphasized that they really needed to get a defense attorney and put him in touch with me.

2) I'm sitting in court when the judge calls a civil suit. I don't really know what it was about - some sort of trust issue, I think - but a girl who is obviously in high school walks up to the bench by herself.
Judge: Why aren't you in school?

Girl: Um, I don't know.

Judge: You are breaking the law right now. Go back to school and come back here at 3:30 when school lets out. I'll still be here.
Never seen a judge do that before and I've got to admit I was impressed (if for no other reason than that the judge would be willing to reopen his court at 3:30 to make sure this girl would go to school).

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young Cardozo said...

The first story is hilarious!