27 March 2007

Some Day a Paper Will Be Interested in a Case I Win

So, my jury trial yesterday was lost because of a case which was decided recently by the Virginia Supreme Court. Okay, that sort of thing happens. Of course, this morning my case was the lead story in the local newspaper:

"Abuse, neglect charges dropped"

Oh, great - can't I make the paper someday when I win a case? Still, I must admit, it's probably the best factual coverage of a case I've been involved in:

At the start of the trial, Lammers told the jury that Smith's children playing in the road was a "catastrophe that almost was."

The twin boys were playing and jumping in front of cars, Lammers said. When people began to stop their cars to get the boys off the road, their sister, who was naked, joined them on the shoulder, he said.

Concerned citizens took the children to Smith's trailer, Lammers said.

When police responded they found Smith, asleep and naked, in bed with a man, according to Lammers.

After several minutes, police officers were able to wake her, he said.

Lammers described Smith as being bleary eyed and having slurred speech after she awoke.
BTW, the "road" was a 4 lane highway (and the article does point this out previous to this point). The author does a good job of setting out a lot of the even worse facts which came out during the trial and then how the judge struck the evidence based upon a case out of Albemarle County (Morris v. Commonwealth).

I'd link to the article but the local paper has decided not to share anymore.

Now, I go to prepare for my post-lunch, "single-larceny doctrine" argument.


Anonymous said...

Stoned, naked and sleeping is no way to go through life, young lady!

Anonymous said...

Judge S. is an ol' softie!