11 March 2007

I Hate New Blogger

New Blogger just ate every single last one of my links.

I was forced to shift over to this (I tried to do something one day and it started the shift). I was forced to open a google mail account in order to shift over to this. I am forced to have that cheesy, unprofessional looking black bar at the top of my blog - I went to transfer it to my own site (so at least the bar would be gone) but it won't let me because I was a blogspot+ member.

I thought about moving it over using Wordpress or Typepad, but neither works with New Blogger. I found a Wordpress method of transfer, but never was able to get it to transfer more than 12 months. I made multiple tries and usually only got three or four months.

So, I'm stuck. This cruddy background (all the selectable backgrounds are cruddy), will be gone as soon as I can rebuild a decent template and I will rebuild my links as soon as I can.

I apologize to everyone whose links were lost.

It's fixed. Hopefully, I won't do anything stupid and break it again. Any comments on the new design?


Windypundit said...

I kinda like the new design. Simple and classic and readable. Besides, we all know you'll change it soon enough.

Ken Lammers said...


It's all part of the fun. Maybe I'll try to teach myself PHP and see what cool new things I can do.

Windypundit said...

PHP? Nah, that's server-side. I use it on my blog because I'm running the Movable Type blogging engine to format my content, but I don't think you can use it on Blogger.

What you want is Javascript.

I mean, Ken, you can write script to change the colors and layout on the page while people are reading it.

You know you want to.

Ken Lammers said...

I've never found a good, idiot-proof book on javascript. However, if that's what you suggest, maybe I'll try again.

Next thing you know the blog will have bouncing balls and a rotating title. And everyone will have you to thank for steering me down the right path. ;-)

Windypundit said...

My favorite JavaScript books are all written for programmers, so they'd probably be as useful to you as your legal books would be to me.

You might try poking around The JavaScript Source to find some tutorials and canned scripts.

If you don't do so already, you might want to test the new JavaScript-powered template on a test blog before you go live.

Anonymous said...

Try MySQL.

No, I'm kidding. Do not.