28 March 2007

Sites of (dis)Repute

As you go thru the web you find all sorts of strange sites having to do with criminal behavior. I thought I'd list a few of them:
StopSnitching.com - A well put together site dedicated to the proposition that people shouldn't report crime or admissions thereof.

Who's a Rat - A site dedicated to outing those who inform the police of illegal activities.

Alibi Network - Just in case you need an alibi.

The Prisoner's Handbook - Just in case the alibi doesn't work.
BTW: I don't know if any of these sites are for real. The Alibi site strikes me as the perfect sting operation for the feds. They could just hang out a shingle and let people trying to establish an alibi come to them after the fact - it would make for some pretty powerful evidence.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ken, you've been working too hard and not dating enough.

Alibi network is for bored married folks; they use it to cover with their spouses.