23 March 2007

Solving the ASL Non-Mascot Problem

Ask a Ninja

I've been putting some thought into what Mascot the Appalachian School of Law should have. It's an interesting problem since most law schools are stuck with the same mascot as the undergrad school they are attached. ASL is an independent school so it ain't stuck with somebody else's choice. I really don't think the Gruntin' Grundys will work so I thought of suggesting Fighting Whities just for reasons of equity. However, I realized that there are plenty of fighting whitey mascots out there already (Vikings, Norsemen, Knights, Fighting Irish, &cetera) so I kept looking.

And, I think I found it! Try this on for size - the ASL Ninjas! As a totally neutral observer, I think this would be an awesome mascot (and I'd be able to drive over to Grundy and see the Ninja when he makes good on his promise to visit any school which adopted a Ninja as a mascot).

1 comment:

Steve Armstrong said...

Ken, I love the idea- and I will prepare a proposal to the administration at once!

The ASL Ninjas are MUCH better than my idea- the ASL Black Lungers!