04 March 2007


Well, Center won against Capital on Friday without too much trouble. It's prize? Saturday night it got to play the #2 NCAA III basketball team. The first 10 - 15 minutes were pretty good, but then Wooster took the lead and just kept going.

Congrats to the Basketball Colonels for a great year.

Bryan Station (#3) played Scott County (#1) on Friday night. I spent a frustrating 45 minutes or so trying to find it being streamed on the net, but the radio station which got to play the game was such a low level channel that it didn't even have a stream. So, all I got to see was 5 seconds on the 11 o'clock news. Scott County won 74-69. Now on to the Regionals for both teams where, hopefully, Bryan Station will get one more shot and finally take Scott down.

It looks like the unpopularity of Tubby may finally be catching up. UK has slowly faded from a top tier national team to a second rate team in the SEC. Sure, they win a lot of games, but they are no where near a NCAA Final Four finish. Smith would be considered an amazingly good coach at any second tier school, but his record wouldn't be acceptable at any of the top level programs.

Of course, no coach is ever going to live up to the demands of Kentucky fans; they want the Final Four every couple of years and a championship at least twice a decade (and I'm not sure they'd be happy with that). Not sure there are many people who are suicidal enough to want to step into that situation. I think Smith will weather this storm and have a year or two more to try and right the ship.

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