10 August 2003

Police in the News

(1) The Good

(a) Police can shoot at balloons to free chickens.

(b) In Lynchburg they are making efforts to improve the training and gear of police officers.

(2) The Bad

(a) When someone who is crazy stabs you twice it is probably O.K. to shoot him but I'm not sure how solid your footing is if you shoot the head of the Chamber of Commerce (except, of course, in this case).

(b) In South Africa police are robbed at gunpoint - in their own station.

(c) In Miami they are attempting to slam some corrupt officers.

(d) A jury did not believe an officer's explanation for shooting a man in the back.

(e) In Philadelphia the warden gets prison time for prisoner beatings and it looks like prisoners might have been beaten in Chicago.

(f) A federal judge increases federal oversight of the NYPD because it asked some strange questions of arrested anti-war demonstrators.


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