04 May 2005

Around the Web

1) Flying spy planes over citizens' property. "The concern is, obviously, a privacy issue, but also that the constitutional right to assemble is being chilled. We are fast approaching the time when the government will be monitoring our every move."


2) Too cool. From Thaddeus J. Loophole to Atticus Finch, The American Lawyer in Film.

3) Blonde Justice gets a call from the client's girlfriend.

4) Want to reform criminals? Send 'em birthday cards. Yeah, that'll work.

5) An idealized explanation of the duty of a prosecutor.

6) And a particularly bad example of a failure to upohold them: Stealing evidence from a defendant's lawyers? Yeesh.
Via Indiana Public Defender

7) Is anybody surprised that a group of soldiers would sentence a man who killed members of his own unit to death?

8) Should jurors be allowed to ask questions in a criminal case? Maybe Colorado can figure it out.

9) Computers can predict which defendants will be sentenced to death. Just a wee bit disturbing.

10) It's good to be the King (until you get caught).

11) Are you sane enough to kill if you tell the psychiatrist that you're going to go to Burger King after your execution?

12) How bad does the conduct have to be for a Texas court of appeals to twice rule that it was so far out of bounds that the case must be dismissed?

13) While I don't think that it's unconstitutional, it certainly is obnoxious when jails make deals with private companies to charge outrageous fees to use the phone to call home. It's wrong to punish the inmate's mother for his sins. And I can just hear the people out there saying that Mom doesn't have to take the call from her son. Yeah, right.

14) Trekkie pedophiles?

15) DUI Blog has been having a polite discussion of the viability of MADD's claims. Methinks he cares not for these folks.

16) Why Blonde Justice thinks the runaway bride should be charged.

17) Yes, attorneys do get along with police.

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