06 May 2005

Would Feddie Break the Law?

I've checked Southern Appeal at least once a day for a long time now. I've seen it as the 24 hour "Gods and Generals" blog. I've seen it move from a single author to a multiple author blog and anonymous to credited. More recently, I have observed it as it becomes the personal campaign headquarters of Bill Pryor; if he isn't allowed to become a federal judge Steve et al. will probably get him a Senate or Gubernatorial post. I've even seen a laudable effort to make a difference in the Sudan.

However, perhaps the most enjoyable thing has been to watch the zeal with which Steve brings Blantons to the heathens. It is, of course, the zealousness of one converted to the True Path (those of us who have been around for a while remember some heretical statements - #20). However, there was this troubling post:
I prefer my single barrel bourbon with just a splash of water, Will. And if you ever make a Black Manhatten using Blanton's, Jefferson's Reserve, or anything akin to these bourbons of the gods, I will hunt you down and give you the cane. Indeed, I ought to do so anyway for using bourbon in a drink that "should be garnished with a maraschino cherry."
That's probable cause for a felony in Virginia:
§ 18.2-60. Threats of death or bodily injury to a person or member of his family; threats to commit serious bodily harm to persons on school property; penalty.

A. 1. Any person who knowingly communicates, in a writing, including an electronically transmitted communication producing a visual or electronic message, a threat to kill or do bodily injury to a person, regarding that person or any member of his family, and the threat places such person in reasonable apprehension of death or bodily injury to himself or his family member, is guilty of a Class 6 felony.
Now, since it's a conditional threat there might not be a conviction but I fear that Steve will be arrested the moment a trooper or officer realizes who he is. I feel ashamed for not having warned him earlier and I urge you all to go over to Southern Appeal and make sure he knows.


Steve Dillard (aka Feddie) said...

Too funny.

But what exactly was wrong with saying that Jefferson's Reserve beats Bookers and MM? I wasn't aware of Blanton's at that time, so you can't hold that against me, can you? :)

Ken Lammers said...

Well, if you didn't know I guess we can forgive you.

Sometimes I forget that others didn't grow up in Kentucky and have this knowledge infused into them as they grew up.

Grim said...

If I end up that jury we'll nullify any threat or assault laws, in favor of beating abusers of bourbon. :)