28 May 2005

Prosecutors Underpaid?

Commonwealth Conservative expresses dissappointment at the pay for prosecutors and gets taken to task for it in the comments.


Chad said...

Hey, I think public defenders and court appointed lawyers are underpaid, too. For what it's worth.

Ken Lammers said...

Sadly, across the board there has been neglect of the criminal legal system.

Anonymous said...

well, last congress there was the Prosecutors and Defenders Incentive Act (H. R. 2198 & S. 1091) to provide education loan forgiveness for us (and for them!). it never made it out of committee, but has been reintroduced in the House this term (H. R. 198).

my office (appellate defenders, a state agency) loses approximately 1/4 of the attorneys each quarter; i'm sure it's the income to debt ratio.