28 May 2005

I read this list of punishments for various crimes in New Hampshire and found myself comparing it to similar Virginia laws. Some were better, others were worse, and many were similar.

Here's one for you: 20 years in jail for picking the pocket of someone who has $5.00 in his wallet.

Anybody got anything out there in their State which tops that?

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Mike Barr said...

I was told one a few years back by some KC officers I was doing a close quarter defense training with. A guy ran in to hold up the bank and managed to come out with a bag of money. He had left his car running for a quick get away. Problem was he locked his key inside. He then took off on foot with gun and money bag in hand. Several patrons of the bank took off after him on foot and one jumped in his truck. At some point during the run the blue dye explodes and the dye sprays all over the thief. When he realized that pursuers were closing in he turned to fire, tripped on a sidewalk crack and shot his own foot. By this time the patron in the truck had shown up and the police were on the scene. I remember the officer telling me,"Mike, it isn't that officers are really all that smart. It's just that crooks are really that dumb."

Mike Barr