07 May 2005

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1) This doesn't just happen to PD's. Court appointed lawyers get subbed out by "real" lawyers too. Although the more common term hereabouts seems to be "paid" lawyer 'cuz, y'know, I'm just doing all this gratis since I'm independently wealthy.

2) Y'know defense attorneys look at some cases (oh, say, ones with pictures of their client abusing prisoners) and think "not a winner." Then they get the best deal possible for my client. And then the judge decides that some pretty dubious testimony from a co-defendant/lover of the client means she may not have understood what she was doing? No way that trial's a winner; all it can do is get worse and she already told the judge she understood what she did. What was that judge thinking?

3) Too cool. By Norm's theory I should be able to pick up a nice bit of lucrative business from IBM or GM or their ilk. I look forward to my impending wealth.

4) The Arizona Supreme Court rejects the "criminals have a civil remedy if their rights are violated" argument in a racial profiling decision.

For those out there who don't understand the argument the State was using, it goes a little like this: Willful violations of the constitution shouldn't lead to immediate action against law enforcement in the criminal case. All evidence should be allowed in and unconstitutional factors should only go to the weight of the evidence's credibility. The remedy available to the defendant is to sue the government actor who violated his constitutional rights after the conviction. My experience has been that prosecutors will grin at you as they say this but keep a straight face when they argue it to a judge. Nobody truly believes this will work but it was the excuse for years of constitutional violations until the Supreme Court imposed exclusion as the remedy.

5) Hmmm . . . I've a few clients whom I need to advise to move to Idaho.
via Crimprof

6) Wow. The FBI actually found a leaker.

7) The 5th Circuit holding the federal prosecutor to his plea agreement.

8) A Judge in Florida rips into the DOJ for the positions it is requiring its prosecutors to take.

9) "This is a message to the medical profession. Don't treat Italians. [Giving patients medical samples] is rampant and accepted in the medical profession, unless your patient is Italian."

10) It's good to see that somebody other than me also hates Word.

11) This just in . . . Military recruiters lie and cheat. So now the rest of the world knows what every military recruit has known since Hannibal was putting his army together. "I'm telling you, you'll love working with the elephants. And, since you said you didn't want to travel, it's the perfect job to keep you in Carthage. I have it on good authority that there's no way the general's taking them with his expeditionary force."

12) Did they not think that if they faked the guy's death with a female body someone might get suspicious?

13) Can't get away from those judicial activists: changing hoe to ho.

14) Coke arrested for coke. My best along these lines was a client named Larcenia arrested for larceny.

15) Criminals who break the law? Simply amazing.

16) Okay, do they not know that he used to be a prosecutor? I think Orin might be confused - there must be a Federalist Society event next door which invited him but put the wrong address or something.

17) If you steal a car it might not be the smartest move in the world to report when someone steals it from you.

18) Off Point: Why it's not the Holy Girlfriend Church.

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