29 May 2005

Lack of Class - Stealing a Post

Ya'll will remember that in this post I commented on the fact that someone out there had posted about a post from CrimLaw on a German blog. Well, it turns out that he plagiarized the entire post from German American Law Journal:: US-Recht auf Deutsch. Specifically, it was a post by Clemens Kochinke, who has been kind enough to link to this blawg several times. Here's Clemens' original post and here's his comment on all this as best I can translate using Babel Fish, PROMT, and some freehand:
Thief as Attorney

Transatlantic theft of mental property and a thief disguised as a lawyer: rechtsanwalt.typepad.com/blog.

Posts from the German American Law journal:: US right to German appear there illegally in full text. And CrimLaw expresses thanks, delighted and unsuspecting of the link from distant Europe.

The awkward thief does not even go to the trouble to hide Blogger control instructions incompatible with his blog. Beside GALJ posts there are various plagiarisms from other gBlawgs. As concerns the theft of the American texts, the Blogger - if that's what you'd call him - probably makes himself culpable. He clearly goes beyond fair use
Sorry about that Clemens.

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Anonymous said...

Ken, you went through a lot of trouble for that, thank you! Next time you travel to a Nats ball game, try to squeeze in time for coffee or lunch.

My ire was raised when I noticed that the purported blog identifies itself as rechtsanwalt.typepad.com -- Rechtsanwalt being the German term for attorney at law.