20 May 2005


In response to some students getting suspended for having drugs, school administrators lock down a school and ask the police to do a sweep. Then the administrators, in violation of school policy and contrary to police wishes, locked down the lockers which the dogs indicated on and left them that way for 4 hours so that all the students knew which students had there lockers searched. Then the administrators sent a note home to the parents implying that this had been done at police request; the police chief protests loudly that they were only there because they were asked to come by school administrators.

Oh, and the kicker is of the 31 lockers searched because a dog indicated NOT A SINGLE ONE HAD DRUGS. None. Nada. Not a scintilla.

But remember folks, a canine sniff never reveals any private items to the police because it can only indicate the presence of an illegal item.

Thanks to Christopher Coyle for the heads up.

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