22 May 2005

Around the Web

1) Mike passed the California Bar. Y'know, you kinda got to wonder what kind of questions are asked in the Cali exam: "Like, Dude, should a totally harmless plant like marijuana be illegal, or what, dude?"

2) In NY it's okay to pat a woman on the @@@.

3) Orin finds a law which could send a lot of US law enforcement officers to jail. Of course, it'll never be enforced but it's kind of strange to see a relic of an era when Congress tried to stop over enthusiastic enforcement.

4) SL&P finds a case wherein a judge cuts the sentence from a crack conviction drastically, in part because of the 100:1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder.

5) It looks like life without parole will continue to not be an option in Texas.

6) Can your execution be stayed in order to allow you to donate your liver and save someone else's life? Not according to the Indiana Parole Board.

7) Apparently, the trial of Hillary's fund raiser isn't going well for the prosecution.

8) DOJ is planning a national sex offender registry. It seems only to be a conglomeration of all the State registries. Hopefully, it will not require my clients to check in with another government agency. I've had too many clients who get in trouble because they don't realize that they were supposed to report to the Virginia State Police as well as their probation officer.

9) Defame someone in Kansas, go to jail.

10) Prosecutor who refuse to prosecute, even with a full confession. Why? Because the guy didn't do it.

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