10 November 2005

And Now - The News

1) I have seen this story on Law & Order before: A girl is kidnapped and made do unspeakable things. The police catch on but when they raid the apartment they don't find the girl. Finally, the wife breaks down and admits the girl is in a hollowed out part of the bed. I'm not kidding - I remember the episode.

2) When you steal the identities of your co-workers and charges so you can charge $10,000 under their names you will get caught.

3) My question is - Can mink survive if you break them out and dump them in the wild?

4) Stealing $540 in $10 increments. I guess patience can also be a vice.

5) A J.D.L. member, convicted of trying to bomb a congressman's office, is murdered in prison.

6) 40 burglaries since May - someone's an overachiever.

7) Spread computer viruses - get no bail. Hear that Sony?

8) If you are able to morph from prisoner to Texas official to jogger to Katrina victim you might escape jail (for a short period of time).

9) Witness recantation will not stop DOJ.

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