08 November 2005

Election Results I Care About But You Don't

Because everybody is concentrating on the BIG races that are not directly related to criminal law.

For some reason both the prosecutor and sheriff were voted out of office in Colonial Heights; the more shocking of this was that the Commonwealth Attorney was officially backed by the Republican party while the successful challenger ran as an independent. I've met both men (though none of us are drinking buddies) and both seemed pretty decent to me, but I haven't worked in Colonial Heights for a year or so. Thus I don't know the reason for this.

To everyone's shock, there is a new Sheriff in Richmond. The current sheriff has been a steady source of corruption stories, or perhaps just incompetence, in the local paper over the years. Still, everyone seemed to think she was bulletproof. The reason for the loss seems pretty clear: the jail.

And that's this year's political commentary.

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