19 November 2005

Weekend Review...

1) Claims of attack at memorial false. U.S. Park Police this week said they want to assure the public that the memorials and monuments in Washington are safe, after a man who was stabbed stumbled onto the grounds of the Jefferson Memorial Wednesday night. The police now say that the man actually tried to commit suicide.

2) What? Did you lose a bet? Three University of Texas business students are free on bond after being accused of cutting down a century-old tree to settle a bet after a basketball game.

3) Whatever happened to just putting a frog in the teacher's desk? Police in Hampton, Virginia charged a second eighth-grade student in a plot to poison their social studies teacher. The 13-year-old boy is believed to have helped in one of three attempts to sicken the man by placing a cleaning agent in his coffee. Police discovered the plot Nov. 7 after another student told them about it. The teacher had reported vomiting a few days before the discovery.

4) District Attorney gets taken for a ride by the internet. A Philadelphia District Attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against a dealer who sold him a 1969 Corvette over the Internet. His lawsuit cites 40 significant defects in the car. He says it was advertised as a great-looking vehicle that gets a lot of attention.

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markm said...

"It was advertised as a great-looking vehicle that gets a lot of attention" from your mechanic.