15 November 2005

At a Glance...

1) Granny, get your gun! You don't want to mess with this grandmother who wounded an intruder hiding in one of her closets. She said she shot him in the leg because she didn't want to kill him.

2) File under: Don't hold your breath! Prosecutors dropped trespassing and disorderly conduct charges against a George Mason University student who protested a campus visit by military recruiters. College officials had requested the charges be dropped. The student now says he wants an apology as well.

3) Trying to pull a legislative end-run? Here's the latest on the constitutionality of Virginia’s DUI laws. The State Crime Commission is recommending legislation to get around a judge's ruling that a key component of the state's drunken driving law is unconstitutional. If you'll remember, a Fairfax County General District Court Judge ruled that the DWI law denies a defendant's right to presumption of innocence. The bill proposed by the commission says that when a lawyer challenges the constitutionality of a law in general district court, the case is automatically moved to circuit court.

4) Crack or Meth? Pick your Poison. Authorities in a Kansas community say crack cocaine use increased recently while law enforcement focused on the methamphetamine problem. Police say they'll devote more resources to stopping crack use.

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Ken Lammers said...

If you are interested in #3 you can also listen to my audiocast from earlier this week. Just hit play on the player (sorry no video this week).