04 November 2005

At a Glance...

1) An attorney in Kansas will use the "intoxication" defense for a man accused of killing his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter after a drunken night. Police say the suspect admitted shaking and hitting the child in June after she refused to pick up laundry. The defense attorney said he doesn't plan to dispute that the suspect caused the injuries but that his client wasn't capable of acting intentionally.

2) Another escaped inmate captured in his quest for food! A grocery store shopper recognized an escaped inmate from news reports and called police, who captured him without incident. The convict was still in the prison uniform he wore when he escaped from a van taking him to a corrections system hospital.

3) Is trapping a coyote in a steel-jawed leg trap illegal? A Montgomery County, Maryland Circuit Court judge ruled that a coyote trapper acted legally when he used steel-jawed leg-hold traps to capture coyotes in a city neighborhood. The local Humane Society contended that the method was cruel and unnecessary.

4) A part-time police officer in Pennsylvania was suspended after being arrested last week for allegedly selling steroids he ordered from overseas. Reports say the officer was suspended without pay pending the outcome of his criminal case.

5) In Lexington, Kentucky, a university librarian, has sued four men involved in an earlier robbery of rare books and art. She says that the robbers caused her emotional and physical distress when she was stunned, tied up and blindfolded during the heist.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does the "I was drunk" defense ever work?

Isn't that a clear case of responsibility for one's own actions? (to this layman, it seems like a clear case of choosing to be out of one's gourd, rather than a non-consensual insanity.)