28 November 2005

In the News...

Better Late Than Never
Man convicted on DNA evidence for 1973 rape gets up to 46 years in prison."A woman's testimony was not sufficient in 1973" to convict a rapist.

“Good Kid”
An 18 year old Chicago man was arrested after allegedly kidnapping two young children to perform a satanic ritual. The suspect’s grandfather, called the accusations "ridiculous", saying that his grandson was a "good kid."

Sex Offenders in the Wind
Dozens, possibly hundreds, of registered sex offenders remain unaccounted for in Mississippi and Louisiana. Authorities say most are likely still displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Extreme Pro Bono
Oklahoma attorneys who represent death-row inmates are warning they'll refuse to take some cases unless an appeals court intervenes. The state doesn't pay attorneys for some legal work included in representing indigent inmates awaiting execution. Attorneys could go uncompensated for representing inmates in clemency hearings and 11th-hour court proceedings.

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