27 November 2005

SexLaw - International

1) When a Filipina moves to recant a rape charge high level politicians start talking about charging her with perjury .

2) In India a 75 year old man was found guilty of raping his own daughter. The trial court gave him five years. On appeal, the trial court was reversed. On further appeal, the appellate court was reversed and the sentence was raised to life in prison. Now he's back in court with an affidavit from his daughter stating that it never happened - she was induced by her mother to make the claim.

3) 26 years later South African law enforcement figures out who a rapist is.

4) "A Delhi court has sentenced a man to rigorous imprisonment of four years for attempting to rape a 13-year-old girl." [Can anyone tell me what "rigorous imprisonment" entails?]

5) A Portugese soccer player is cleared of rape charges in London.

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