03 November 2005

In The News...

OUTDOOR smoking illegal? Washington state will be considering a $100 fine for smokers caught puffing within 25 feet of a public building, and in Iowa, the state's hospitals ban smoking on entire campuses, meaning smokers have to leave the grounds to light up.

Best Man burns down newlywed's home. A Hampton, Virginia man will remain in jail until his Jan. 11 sentencing after pleading guilty to burning down a couple's home- two days after serving as best man at their wedding.

Frozen snack ends in murder. A teenager accused of killing his father after becoming enraged that his parents didn't buy him a "Sno-Ball" frozen treat pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

1 comment:

Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

interesting. while i have no qualms about fining people smoking within 25 feet of the entrance to a building, a complete 25-foot radius around a building seems a bit... excessive.

and as far as no smoking on hospital grounds: i'm all for it. unless it's a mental hospital.