03 November 2005

Ego Booster

So, I am looking through Google to see who has been reading CrimLaw when I trip over this: Someone actually used a quote from me in his outline for CHICAGOS ELEMENTS OF THE LAW COURSE..

Wow. Someone actually taking something I said as authoritative - surely one of the signs of the apocalypse.

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Anonymous said...

Now Ken, seeing as that's my outline and all, I should probably defuse this apacolyptic-rumour. Remember, there's a fine line between being "authoritative" and being "accountable" for an idea! You'd had a post up on Caballes that got stuck in my head while we were talking about discretion in interpreting the law. I was just making sure that I knew who I could blame for that idea. :)

Unfortunatelly, I can't report that you're being taught (yet!) in a Chicago class. Probably says something more about me, that I quote blog posts in my class outlines.