26 November 2005

DeathLaw - The States

1) Perception (from Taipei) - 997 executions later, "the US still loves the death penalty."

2) Wisconsin hasn't had the death penalty for 152 years and, despite efforts to put the punishment back in place for crimes with DNA evidence, it looks like it still won't. Even the State AG won't support it.

3) The Massachusetts House rejected the death penalty almost 2-1.

4) "In the past 23 years, since New Jersey reinstated the death penalty, no inmate has been executed. Of the 60 death verdicts returned by juries, most were replaced with life terms. Ten people are on death row today.

But there has been one clear result of New Jersey's death penalty: The state's taxpayers have lost out on $253 million

5) Pittsburg - "As for fairness, ask yourself this: If I were charged with murder, would I rather be poor and innocent or rich and guilty?"

6) A $5,000 reduction in bond is taken by the lawyer as partial payment of fees. The lawyer doesn't hire an expert to rebut the DUI breath test. The attorney was incompetent and the defendant gets a new trial.

7) Kill a sex offender in prison - get a pass on capital charges.

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