26 November 2005

At a Glance...

1) When Lawyers Go Bad
A Maryland lawyer was sentenced to 20 years in prison for plotting to murder her former husband.

2) When Judges Go Bad
A Huston, Texas judge must serve probation for two years after being found guilty of using her dead mother's name to apply for a handicapped parking permit.

3) When Governors Go Bad
A portrait of former Connecticut governor John Rowland is now hanging at the State Library. The painting was hung Wednesday with no ceremony or fanfare. Rowland is serving a yearlong prison sentence in Pennsylvania for corruption.

4) Can Prosecutor’s “No Deal” Policy Be Bad?
The state prosecutor in Shelby County, Tennessee added two more violent crimes to his list of violations that he won't make a plea deal for. District Attorney Bill Gibbons now won't negotiate on carjacking and attempted first-degree murder cases. Gibbons hasn't allowed deals in murder, rape and aggravated robbery cases since 1997. Here is his official website.

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