15 June 2006

Arriving at the CLE

Well, I am waiting for the CLE to start. They have us in a massive room
with big glass windows facing the ocean so there will be something to
watch when we get bored by someone presenting on issues we do not use in
our practice. This should be fairly common for me as the CLE is about
changes in all areas of law and most of it seems to be commercial law as
expounded upon by Mr Lawyer from Big Name Law Firm. There is a crimlaw
section but it is at 3 45 p.m.

I had thought I might kill some time cruising the internet but the wifi
does not seem to work here. I am doing this via my sidekick and while
it works with the internet it is slow and the screen is just a little
small. Anyway, it is starting and if anything interesting happens I
will try to post it but this does not look like a target rich

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