29 June 2006

Over at my favorite vidcast, MobuzzTV, Karina Stenquist is talking about things we need to keep an eye on here in the States: Breathalizer telephones and guns which can only be used if you know the code.

Y'know, I should probably feel guilty about posting something about Miss (Ms.?) Stenquist and Mobuzz. I get several hits a day from having reviewed Mobuzz and Ms. (Miss?) Stenquist a while back. I just keep picturing panting fan-boys trying to get their 5 minute fix of a cute, skinny, witty young woman and coming up with a blawg written by a short, round, old guy who writes about stodgy things like the law. I'm afraid this post might lead to even further misdirection.

Oh well, to quote my role model, BWA-HA-Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!


Optimus Skiver said...

You aren't a kiddin'! That's precisely what my search term was... Fancy that.

Perhaps I should mention Mobuzz when I feel like inflating my hit count! :D

Why was I googling Miss Stenquist? Why I must refer to the ol' "shiny red button" effect. I just figured that would be more interesting than typing "poo" into the search bar--like I'm sure everyone must do--again.

Phil said...

Remember Karina? The videmic is coming...Please Help us get the word out! Here's what it's all about:

"Hosted by Karina Stenquist of Mobuzz fame, Videmic takes an irreverent quirky look at Web TV and viral videos. Coming November 2009."

for more info, check out our facebook group: www.facebook.com/videmic