14 June 2006

Virginia State Bar Conference

I drove down to Virginia Beach today in order to attend the Virginia State Bar's annual conference. Basically, it has two days of CLE's and I haven't done any yet this year so this was a good way to catch up. There are other events as well, but I'm just not all that political so the main thrust of the event as far as I'm concerned is the continuing legal education.

It's a good thing I'm not here for the warm weather and beautiful ocean. The remnants of a tropical storm/depression swept thru the area today and it's wet and when the breeze blows (constantly) it's rather cool. Maybe it'll get better tomorrow.

Not a single person with whom I regularly practice is coming to this. Most of them dismissed it as "a biglaw thing." Maybe they're right. When I pulled up in the parking lot I walked past a group of about 10 people in suits, ties, the whole nine yards. They hadn't even loosened their ties. It was a bunch of lawyers and they were getting a "limo" (when did vans become limos?) so they could go some bar. These were not the working lawyers whom I'm in court with every day - even the most uptight of us at least loosens the tie. I almost felt self conscious in my kinda tattered khakis, rugby jersey, and beat up old baseball cap - almost.

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