14 June 2006

Lawyer Speaks Out

After the two Mob-Cops were convicted in NYC they hired new lawyers. Nothing new there. The new lawyers try to get a new trial. Nothing new there. The new lawyers list every possible error, real or imagined, which the old lawyers committed. Nothing new there.

The old lawyers responding, now that's interesting:
"I was just so personally offended," Cutler said. "One day you’re begged to come in, and the next day you’re knocked by the client, who to me is delusional in a certain respect. He’s certainly ungrateful and shameless."
. . .
"He’s desperate — who else can he attack?" Hayes said. "I am surprised, however, since I didn’t think he was like that."

"They started off blaming the government and the prosecutors, blaming this and that," Cutler said. "Who’s left? Us. I am rankled and angry."
. . .
"I don’t want to hurt Lou, and I certainly don’t want to hurt Steve," Cutler said. "But I will be heard."
Maybe I should have titled this, "Things I Have Wished I Could Say but Worried the Virginia Bar Would Sanction Me For."

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