16 June 2006

Second Day

I am at lunch the second day. I skipped the first CLE today because I
realized that I am going to have to go to another CLE after this one and
couldn't make myself go to a hour and half on IP law. I did go to the
advertising class; these are always fun because of the infinite variety
found in advertising bad taste. The highlight of the section were ads
by some guy who calls himself "The Hammer" and has an actor scream that
he's the reason people hate lawyers. Unfortunately, even my T-Mobile
wouldn't connect so I couldn't blog and actually had to pay attention.

Now I'm waiting for the education seminar to start.


Anonymous said...

Would the fellow who calls himself the Hammer be from Kentucky? If so, I think I went to Law school with him.

Ken Lammers said...

No, he's on the Eastern side of Virginia.

Anonymous said...


The real 'The Hammer'