15 June 2006

Civil Law and Chancery


They have done away with the difference between law and chancery. I had
to learn two sets of procedures to pass the bar. All you young
potential lawyers are getting it too easy.



Joe G said...

Well, they're a mere 50 years behind the Federal Courts in doing that.

So, um, I guess that means they'll be catching up to the Warren court soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm studying for the VA bar this summer and it's nice to not have to worry about that. However, because the change was so recent, there's still some confusion about proper terminology, so we still have to learn a lot of the old chancery terms in case they are still used on the bar exam.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Ken.

I'm really enjoying these little snippets from your CLEs.

Anonymous said...

I agree - in fact, I would argue that all of us loyal readers should get an hour of CLE credit based on Ken's snippets.