10 June 2006

Off Point: Cars

I usually treat myself to one movie a week. So far, this has been a sparse movie Summer and, judging from the truly awful artwork (some people should be kept away from computers) and plot summaries I've seen of Superman Returns, it ain't gonna get better. X-3 had plenty of special effects and a "plot" which, well, wasn't. The other big opening was a movie wasn't a revival of a gnostic heresy. Honestly. For real. C'mon, it's fiction - it can't possibly cause people to get interested in ideas which Christianity rejected as pure fiction, oh say, almost as soon as they were promulgated - long before Saint Boniface convinced my forefathers that they should be Christians. I went to see Over the Hedge that weekend. There was Poseidon, which I figure might be worth watching when it hits cable (for some reason I think I might know how it turns out). This week was The Omen. No thank you. I went to see Cars.

It was actually pretty good. Mind you, the storyline is canned: jaded big-city guy gets trapped in small town against his will and becomes a better person for it. Think Doc Hollywood. Still, the story is fun and, oh yeah, all the characters are cars. And the race scenes are dead-on hilarious. If you are part of a NASCAR family pack up the rugrats, grab the overworked spouse and head to the movies. There are even rubber balls on the track. If you're not a NASCAR family pack up the rugrats, grab the overworked spouse and head to the movies - I'm not a NASCAR guy (where I grew up racing involved horses) and I was rolling. Be aware, as an adult the parts of the movie you'll laugh at might not be the same as your kids. But everybody will enjoy it.