29 June 2006

Chinese CrimLaw

1) News hit the press that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are cooperating and exchanging information with the Chinese in matters criminal.

2) In a story which is probably (hopefully) unrelated, a Canadian citizen who had been given asylum from China in Canada was caught in Uzbekistan trying to get his kids out of China. He is now being returned to China to be killed for illegal political activities.

3) Billions of dollars walk out the door of a Chinese government bank.

4) China kills 27 drug dealers to commemorate international anti-drug day, but it's not stopping the drug trade and its effects.

5) Finally, China is gearing up to keep kids from having access to the internet during their Summer break.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure China is calling it "treason" not "human rights work" or "political activity." He seems to have violated the one-child policy rather blatantly as well.