06 June 2006

Today's CrimNews

1) The ACLU is suing Alaska over its law restricting the personal use of marijuana.

2) Paroled after DNA testing eliminates him as the rapist, a Virginian fights for a pardon.

3) Police who worked as Mob hitmen likely to get life.

4) It appears that Dillon's Rule doesn't exist in Colorado. At least not where gun bans are concerned.

5) A 17 year old British girl's plan to rob and kill an elderly lady is found while she is in juvy, yet it still happens.

6) I bet they never thought they'd actually find a CSI situation when they took that CSI class.

7) Prison crowding isn't unconstitutional.

8) Apparently, slave traders have set up shop in UK airports.

9) Worried about kids cheating in school? So is China. That's why it's sending them to jail.