16 January 2005

Around the Web

1) Ack! Groin First + Oak Beam = Caught Burglar.

2) Skelly's just a little too interested in the Russian mob.

3) I want more time in prison. I actually had a client do something like this once. The prosecutor just stood there dimbfounded as I told him my client wouldn't agree to the deal unless he agreed to more time. Of course, then he agreed.

4) In the UK they are once again threatening tho arrest people who don't come to court.

5) What do baseball players' urine samples have to do with White Collar Crime?

6) Tired of losing cases because of DNA? Public Defender Dude offers the perfect defense.

7) Formalism by Joshua Claybourn.

8) Paying juror from a mistrial to consult in the retrial: illegal, unethical, or just in bad taste?

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Brian said...

Yeah, that DNA defense is brilliant. I can't wait to finish law school and use it. I should start to make Johnnie Cochran money the day after I am sworn into the bar. Those dopey Jesus-freaks will buy it hook, line, and sinker. No doubt in my mind.