12 January 2005

A Jury From the Prosecutor's Side

Here is a thrilling, mind-boggling, amazing, and suspense filled rendition of a jury trial from the point of view of a prosecutor.

CAUTION: Make sure you set aside plenty of time so you can read it a couple of times and absorb all the subtleties.


Chad said...

I will not be mocked!!!


Commonwealth Conservative

Melissa said...

TOo late. The mocking has begun.

Nice how it's all in reference to him.

Mister DA said...

Well, my experience has been that most of the trial I won back when I was doing trials were considered to be "mine to loose" trials. I mean, what's to write about? The defendant drives his car _into_ the party store and asks the clerk to bring him a six-pack 'cause he's too drunk to get out of the car. Has a BAC of .24 on a hospital blood draw, but won't take a plea. . . not a lot you can say about the intense trial preperation, the gruling preperation of your key witnesses, and the sharp-as-a-razor cross-examination in a case like that. Unless, of course, you loose.

Ross said...

The internet's newest Scott Turow. I stayed up all night reading it. Has the bidding for the movie rights started yet?

Chad said...

Come on, folks. That wasn't intended to be some long narrative of what happened in the trial. It was just an explanation of why I wasn't posting, and an update or two so people would have some idea when I'd be back.

Yes, it was all about me because that was the point. I wasn't trying to describe the actual trial.