25 January 2005

Around the Web

1) For some reason you can't satisfy the "open court" requirement by holding hearings in the robing room.

2) Apparently prosecutors can get disbarred where Blonde Justice practices. I think in Virginia a prosecutor would probably have to take a shot at the President before he'd get disbarred.

I understand what Blonde Justice is talking about. While I find that most prosecutors are straight, there are those rare few who just seem to take pleasure out of twisting the system and playing dirty (and, to be fair, the same applies to my side of the aisle). I shake the guy's hand too. If you let him get to you he feels like he's scored more points. Not going to give him that satisfaction.

3) Via SWVaLaw and SL&P, the Fighting Fourth has had its first Booker decision.

4) Kirby's Report is still providing in depth coverage of the Ross death penalty case (1st in Connecticut in 40+ years). Church groups, public defenders, anti-death penalty groups, and everybody else seems to be trying to stop this execution. Everybody but Mr. Ross. The case has been put on hold by the federal courts for the moment, surviving an appeal in the 2d Circuit. Of course, the real test is whether the Supreme Court will allow the stay to remain in place.

5) Hey, I could get a job teaching CrimLaw at Notre Dame or American. However, I shan't sully myself in the dirt and mud of the application process. If they want me they're going to have to send someone to court me (preferably a young, cute female someone who arrives with libations).

6) Some in Virginia are claiming that abolishment of parole has led to lowered crime rates. I tend to agree but then along comes lowered crime rates in the U.K. where parole seems to still exist. Hmmmm . . .

7) A policeman's view: "if they are not in prison, they are stealing, QED prison is the only answer." Not exactly sure what a QED prison is - must be some sort of British invention. I'll have to pull out my old copy of the Magna Carta or Blackstone and see if there's a reference. Must be a nasty place if it stops crime in a permanent manner.

8) Okay, this is just silly. If you black out words from well known court cases even MSM reporters can figure it out.

9) Hey! I've got a few prosecutors whom I would like to volunteer for this. However, 30 days is just way too short - how about 90?


10) What happens when a prosecutor gets a DUI? (at least in Chicago)

11) The perfect solution to car bombing: build stronger cars.

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Blonde Justice said...

I know, I know... Even a year isn't enough for some!