17 January 2005

Around the Web

1) Apparently Washington's Legislature got tired of prosecutors having to prove guilt in DUI cases. They just couldn't get their breath testing machines to work properly. The solution? Just announce - ex cathedra - that the results come in whether the machine was screwed up or not. The only question is whether the infallibility lies in the Legislature, the prosecutor, the machine, or the neo-prohibs.

2) FBI forming an Artsy-Fartsy Task Force. J. Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave.

3) Big Brother is everywhere. In particular, the D.C. police setting up cameras without approval, or even notice, is disturbing. The constant excuse? There is no expectation of privacy in a public area.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Big Brother, did you see the ruling that police planting a GPS tracker on a car was legal without a warrant?

Additionally, how do you pronounce "voir dire" out your way?

Brian said...

What do you expect from D.C. Gov't? You got a town that elects Democrats by 8 to 1 margins, and will always do so. Thus, what D.C. politico is afraid of losing his job over this? After all, when being caught in a hotel smoking crack with a hooker and you can still be elected, why would this hurt your chances at the polls. Believe me, this was done with the full knowledge of the politicians, regardless of what they say.