18 January 2005

Around the Web

1) Watching Thailand's death row in action. I'm not watching it but some of ya'll might be interested.

2) Okay, if you're not going to ask for the death penalty when a father throws his kid off a cliff so that he doesn't have to pay child support . . .

3) Oh sure, plaud SW Va Law, discuss the blogs in the Alliance of the Right and suggest the formation of one on the left. A guy could feel left out.

4) When you win the Powerball you can afford the best lawyers in the world.

5) In Liverpool they seem surprised that "criminal gang culture 'infiltrated' a city prison."

6) If you win $1 million in a very public way the IRS is probably going to notice if you don't pay taxes on it.

7) And I thought I'd seen some bad jury pools.

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