19 January 2005

Around the Web

1) Hmmm . . . Woulda thought this would have been decided using plain sight and exigent circumstances not expectation of privacy analysis.

2) Female on female rape. Whodathunkit? (outside an old women's prison movie)

3) In Virginia you have to support your argument in an appellate brief.

4) 4 years for 9th DUI.

5) The ethics of Justice Breyer as applied to the Booker decision. Maybe he shouldn't have recused himself but the argument that Breyer shouldn't have recused himself because he didn't argue the exact issue at hand before the court himself is not convincing.

6) If you tell the judge you only have 6 months to live so you don't have to go to prison you better have a dang good explanation 8 years later.

7) Wow. This is a little more honest than you expect from an elected prosecutor faced by citizens who want more trials. He must have a secure position.

8) Remember, if your client is going to be on camera you have to be close to make sure you're on camera too.

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