11 January 2005

DeathLaw - Abroad

1) Taiwan has done away with the death penalty for those under 18 or over 80.

2) In Mauritania they give you a pass the first two times, but the third time you try a coup they ask for the death penalty.

3) In Rwanda the question is whether halting the death sentence for the 10,000 people who have been sentenced to die would cause a huge backlash from Tutsis because of the 800,00 people that had been killed leading to the death sentences.

4) How does an Indian police official react to 6 recent slayings? "We can’t prevent murders." Now, just imagine your local chief of police saying something like that . . .

5) Zimbabwe: "The only Government pathologist, Dr Alex Mapunda, resigned in May last year and since then, bodies of persons suspected to be murder victims are piling up in hospital mortuaries while the alleged killers have been awaiting their trials in remand prison."

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