10 January 2005

Writing the Order in Your Client's Case

We don't ghost write final orders in Virginia (at least not in criminal cases).

Just imagine the fun I could have . . .

"The Court finds that this case of egregious over-reach on the part of the prosecutor is supported by no legal precedent and is brought in exceedingly poor judgment. Therefore, this Court ORDERS that this jay-walking case be dismissed with prejudice and admonishes the prosecutor to never again dare to insinuate that any of Mr. Lammers' clients would ever do such a dastardly deed."

Of course, the world being what it is prosecutors would get to write more orders than I would. shudder ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Not having a blogger account (I used typepad), I have to post anonymously.

In Alaska, we do have to include the final orders. I have had some fun writing orders, but strangely, the courts do not seem to accept such. When I know I have a really good motion that a court is likely to accept, however, I generally write in legalese that makes my point without alienating the court to the point that the judge will not use my motion. Interestingly, I have had a couple of motions recently that got no objection from the prosecution. I do not expect this to continue.