01 January 2005


Well, I've revamped some of the links.

(1) To begin with after Gus dared to assert that his spelling for the name of his blog was correct, he seems to have been asserting that I made an error in spelling his blog's name in the link. Now, we all know that I would never make such a mistake - just look, it's speeled exactly rite. And shame on any of you that goes back and checks to see if that's the way it was spelled on previous month's lists - HOW DARE YOU FACT CHECK ME? Who do you think I am? Some nobody who works for CBS?

[If I can't indulge a god complex on my personal little bit of the web, where can I? I'm not a judge (yet).]

(2) 4 new blogs have been added to my "Worth Reading" section: Kirby's Reports, Adam Smith Esq., On Point, & Tales of a Wandering Mind.

(3) Added 2 blogs to my "Daily List" section. The first is Diggers Realm. Apparently, in some unknown manner I was the 16th most helpful blog during the last month; not sure why but glad to be of service. (And, yes she's hot.)

The other is All Deliberate Speed. It's a long time favorite which had bit the dust due to my 30 day policy (no posts - yer gone). Glad to see it back up and running.

(4) There's a new addition to my Criminal Law category: one man's view on life, law, love. It's under One Man's View (sorry the name is just a tad too long). The author is an attorney from California. I wouldn't normally link to someone's work website but at least 3 of those ladies are worth a second or third look (I ain't saying which ones - for all I know one's a wife or daughter). I'm sure the office does outstanding work but it might just be worth going by to do a little sight seeing.

(5) There are 4 new additions to "Old Dominion Blogs": Commonwealth Commonsense, Sic Semper Tyrannis, my own backyard, & The Virginia Progressive.

Some sites are gone via the 30 day policy and some moved around but ya'll can figure that out for yourselves. I hope the changes provide you with some interesting reading material.

1 comment:

Gus said...

Phew! Glad you remembered that. I was going to mail you, but then New Year Eve happened to fall on Friday, and the Eve part happened to start at about 10AM. Hey, I'm still a student; I can have some party left in me!

And, I'm also glad to see that you're now embracing the god complex. I was a bit worried when you implied that you didn't have one already. Imagine, a lawyer without a god complex. Can't one be hauled in front of a bar committee for that?