24 January 2005

Stories of Interest

1) "Bellevue police and U.S. Secret Service agents are investigating one of the latest trends in credit card fraud: A ``false front'' that's attached to an ATM." Great, now I have to yank on the front of ATM's before I use 'em.

2) For those of you of a more hedonistic bent - Good News!!! Strippers and customers can fondle and caress each other in Las Vegas.

3) A ticket for shoveling snow. Wish I'd known about that law when I was a kid.

4) Give me the money or I'll use my laser pointer to make you sit through hours of a useless power point display. I'd pay.

5) Hmmm . . . An editor who wants to arrest everybody in North Dakota who cohabitates.

6) Okay, a web site, a series of strange men, and women in "silly high heels" coming to apartments kinda gives away what's going on.

7) Little by little, the entirety of Britain is being stolen.

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