10 November 2004

Another Peterson Juror Gone

Court TV is reporting that another juror (a lawyer no less) has been removed by the judge.

The new juror has sat on a criminal jury which found a defendant not guilty.

Yeesh! There must be some tuly interesting things going on behind closed doors. If there is a finding of guilt the appeal is going to be 300 pages long. Removing two jurors on subsequent days? If a conviction occurs it will look a lot like a shaped verdict.

On the other hand, everyone on Court TV seems to be of the opinion that the jury now has at least a sizeable minority for acquital.

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John Jenkins said...

The real question is which lawyer was so asleep at the wheel this guy could get on the jury in the first place. In Oklahoma, he'd automatically be disqualified under 38 Okla. Stat. § 28(C)(5) (1 Jul. 2004). I don't know if California has a similar provision, but it is beyond me totally why either side would want this guy, and even if one side did, surely the other side wouldn't for the same reason.