16 November 2004

Around the Web

1) If you work in a place where law firms pay a lot better than the federal government your federal cases will tend to go better. Causative or coincidental correlation?

2) "Near the end of the duty shift, alcohol-related investigations decrease substantially. This is particularly true in departments that have adopted relatively time-consuming procedures for processing alcohol-related arrests.
. . . . .
Suspect's sex also plays a role in the arrest/no arrest decision. Patrolmen seem more reluctant to arrest a woman for alcohol-related violations, largely because processing of a female arrestee is generally more complex and time consuming."

Much more of this interesting stuff found here . . .

3) Mr. DA breaks down the "Law Shows." He can still watch them; I cannot. I go nuts every time I watch Law & Order and see ethical violations and outright violations of the law (which seem to occur in every episode - but that's okay because the good guys are doing it).

4) Is it really the proper course of action for a Nanny to get drunk when she gets lost with her charge in tow?

5) Is "white collar crime" a stigmatizing label? I'm pretty sure that a lot of my clients would love to be considered white collar criminals.

6) You'll remember when the 5th Circuit expanded Buie searches so that a house could be searched even without an arrest? (see also here) Well now the 10th Circuit has ruled that police need not be constrained to the house when they do a Buie search.

7) Why not so many death penalty prosecutions? Because they will bankrupt the localities.

8) Credit card companies aren't responsible for infringement on porn distribution rights. [Yeah, I know it's not criminal but I just couldn't pass it up.]

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Mister DA said...

I, in fact, can't watch the hyper-popular, kinda-meant-to-make-you-think-they're-real law shows either, for the most part. I hate CSI, whatever (I've yet to find a prosecutor or a real forensic cop who doesn't) and have the same general objection to the Law & Order franchise that Ken does.

I do like Boston Legal, but it's not really a law show, is it? And, anyway, it's all about those sleazy big firm lawyers, mostly. A form of life we don't have much of around here.