04 November 2004

New Blog

A new "Law Professor Blog Network" criminal law blawg is up: CrimProf Blog.

The CrimLaw blawgs are SL&P, White Collar Crime Prof Blog, and CrimProf Blog.

The class act of the Network is SL&P. Professor Berman had the good fortune (or prescience) to found his blawg just as THE major sentencing event of the last 20 years or so and has shown an amazing ability to keep up with all the Blakely happenings. As a result his blawg has been booming.

The good professor has also gone with a slightly different layout, outside links, and a color scheme which differs from the others in the Network. The red, black, yellow color scheme is much better than the washed out blue and white scheme used by every single other blog. For some reason people think blue is a good color for a website. It's not. At least not if it's the washed out blue everyone seems to use in order to look "professional" (in other words identical, unimpressive, bland, inoffensive, and boring). As well, at least in my case, washed out blue next to white bothers my eyes after a while. I'd offer suggestions but it took me a while to get mine as it now appears and I went thru some . . . (how to put this?) interesting templates before I settled on the current one.

Anyway, the Network has potential so I thought ya'll might want to check it out.

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